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Social Value UK maintains this directory of members who offer consultancy services for the information of anyone who is thinking about commissioning a Social Value or SROI analysis. We hope that you find it useful.

If you are a member of Social Value UK and would like to advertise your consultancy services in this directory, please use this form to submit your details.

Disclaimer: Social Value UK accepts no responsibility for any business, legal or any other decisions made on the basis of the information found in the Social Value Consultants Directory.

Listing titleAlice Jones Impact Consulting
Practitioner StatusLevel 3 - Advanced Practitioner
LocationEngland - Midlands
Areas of expertise

Social housing; housing, health and wellbeing; community and social wellbeing; skills and employment; fuel poverty and energy efficiency; food poverty

Consultancy services offered

Experienced social impact consultant, providing research and evaluation that focuses on the wide-ranging social impact of housing providers and their work in their communities. Services include research (quantitative and qualitative), project evaluations including Social Return on Investment, end-to-end social value planning using Theory of Change, development of a strategic approach to social value across a department/organisation, embedding impact measurement/management tools within organisational practices and culture. Please see our website for more information and to get in touch via the contact form.

OrganisationAlice Jones Impact Consulting
Name of main contactAlice Jones

If you are thinking about commissioning a Social Value or SROI analysis, there are a couple of questions you should consider.

Should you use an Accredited Practitioner?

An Accredited Practitioner will have attended accredited social value and SROI training and subsequently been accredited by Social Value International.

Using an Accredited Practitioner gives you assurance that the person understands and has experience of applying the Principles of Social Value.

Should you have your report assured?

Regardless of whether you decide to use an Accredited Practitioner, you will want to know that the work you have commissioned meets the internationally recognised standards set by Social Value International. Getting your report assured will give your work, calculations, assumptions and findings a mark of quality and credibility.

You should make a provision in your budget for the cost of assurance.

Find out more about report assurance.

For more information contact .


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