Amazing offer from SINZER for members

Amazing offer from SINZER for members

Posted 19th December 2016

Sinzer are a leading software solution for those wanting to manage social impact data and organisational members. They are the only online platform that has been accredited by Social Value International.

They are now offering an amazing offer for all members of Social Value UK and Social Value International. If that’s you then you can take advantage of:

Sinzer offers two frameworks; the Social Return on Investment framework or the Strategic Impact Framework:

  1. The Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework is accredited by Social Value International and follows the principles and steps of this methodology
  2. The Strategic Impact Framework (SIF) is a flexible approach in which you can define your own ‘building blocks’ based on your outcome (domains), impact themes or strategic pillars. Outcomes are measured with indicators but not valued (there is no cost/benefit calculation.

Both software frameworks offer the following:


For more information contact Marlon at Sinzer or Ben at Social Value UK.