Social Value in Commissioning & Procurement  

Social Value in Commissioning & Procurement  

Posted 28th March 2024

By Natasha Jolob, Member Services Director

Time to Revisit Contract for Change?

From 2019 to 2022 Social Value UK members co-developed an amazing project called ‘Contract for Change’ – a Thought Leadership Group that looked at how to ‘Position, Plan, Procure, and Provide’ for the creation of greater Social Value by organisations. See here for the great work completed.

Social Value UK also previously collated excellent good practice case studies of social value in commissioning, see here.

The aim was to create a broad ‘principles-led’ approach to social value that could be embedded throughout an organisation from organisational strategy all the way down to detailed commissioning and procurement practices. Significant progress was made and lots of excellent work was undertaken including sourcing best practice in social value in procurement and the development of guidance and tools.

Proposed next steps

As a follow up Social Value UK has been in discussion with members and would like to set up a Partnership Procurement Thought Leadership Group – to provide a space for SVUK’s members to continue to support social value and public sector reform. We would like to draw on the work undertaken by the Contract for Change programme but also start a fresh page.

Source: Audit Commission 2007:
Hearts and Minds: Commissioning from the Voluntary Sector

The overall aim of the Partnership Procurement Thought Leadership Group will be to support Intelligent Commissioning and the embedding of the principles of social value in public sector commissioning and procurement. SVUK’s expertise and interest is at the interface between the public, private and civil society sectors supporting new ways of working and partnerships. Members from all sectors that are social value practitioners and/ or that bring experience in public sector reform are welcome.

What will it do?

If you are interested in joining this group then please complete and initial expression of interest form here and we will be in touch to follow up.

Why is this needed?

My first external engagement in my new role as Member Services Director with Social Value UK I attended the Social Enterprise UK Social Value Leaders’ Summit in Manchester last week. With my background in supporting the VCSE to influence commissioning in Leicestershire, developing social impact bonds for government and supporting social enterprises in contract readiness, I was excited and enthusiastic to support Social Enterprise UK on its Social Value journey.

Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) is delivering to its Social Value 2032 Programme and its latest research highlighted that:

The conference was an incredible gathering of amazing social value leaders all in one place. Some key points that I noted were:

All of these issues are at the heart of the Social Value UK principles and best practices, and we hope to support Social Enterprise UK on its roadmap towards Social Value 2032.