Bringing Social Value to Life

Social Value Perspectives is our flagship advocacy programme.

The aim is simple. It is to put social value into perspective for your organisation.

We’ll frame our discussions, blogs and conferences on cogent messages that you can put into practice from the off.

Social Value UK will raise issues and partner with leading organisations to offer solutions, which you can learn from and imbed into your own practices.

Our three key areas of focus are: Wellbeing, Equality and Environment.

The difference between Social Value UK and some other social value organisations is our emphasis on not only improving positive social outcomes, but reducing negative ones.

Fundamentally this project is aimed at reaching organisations new to considering social value or those who have measured their impacts/outputs but are questioning how to improve or better manage their decisions.

It is one thing to measure social value, but the most profitable outcome for organisations and the wider community is to use the data to make informed, sustainable decisions going forward.

As a membership body Social Value UK has internal project aims alongside our vision to encourage more organisations to make decisions informed by their social impacts.

These are:

  • Represent the views of our members and influence key decision-makers
  • Raise awareness and understanding of social value by making it relevant, accessible, and relatable to new audiences
  • Grow our movement and community
  • Raise the profile of Social Value UK and our members, especially those contributing to Social Value Perspectives

How can you get involved or support Social Value Perspectives?

We would like to hear from any individual or organisation that is interested in supporting this vision via resource/financial sponsorship, speaking or facilitating or writing a blog.

Please email our Advocacy Lead, Matthew Mckew.