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Social Value Portal Central Government TOMs Mapping Tool: Public Consultation – SVUK collaborative member response


Social Value Portal (SVP) has developed a Central Government Social Value Model TOMs Mapping Tool.  The Tool and associated guidance are out for consultation from: 2nd August to 3rd October 2021.

Invitation for member collaboration 

Social Value UK (SVUK) are submitting a response to the consultation feeding back our thoughts on the Central Government TOMs Mapping Tool, and the use of this in measuring and managing social value. We are inviting our members to participate in this response by feeding comments through to Social Value UK who will then collate our collective feedback and submit this back to Social Value Portal.   

The documentation highlighted as a part of the consultation is: 

  1. Brief reference guide 
  1. Central Government TOMs Mapping Tool guide 
  1. Central Government TOMs Mapping Tool 
  1. Procurement Guide 

Further documents that could be useful to review are: 

All of these documents can be downloaded from the respective websites, or the documents are available HERE

SVUK is gathering feedback on: 

  • The Central Government TOMs Mapping Tool (documentation as outlined above) 
  • The National TOMs  
  • Central Government Social Value Model  

Social Value UK’s feedback response will be focusing on the following key areas: 

  • Current use of these models in social value practice 
  • How / if these allow for good application of the social value principles in practice (and what is missing if not) 
  • Benefits / positive aspects of models 
  • Issues / challenges caused by these models 

We will be gathering this through an online feedback form

All responses will be collated, anonymised and sent through to Social Value Portal.  The collated anonymised feedback response will also be shared directly back with those that feed into the response.  


If you have any questions on the SVUK response, please reach out to Catherine Manning at   

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