Social Value UK reveals Theory of Change

Social Value UK reveals Theory of Change

Posted 22nd February 2024

Charting Progress: Our Strategic Direction

To improve the member journey, we’ve engaged in thoughtful reflection and a review of the Social Value UK (SVUK) logic model.

Extensive discussions and debates surrounding SVUK’s outcomes, vision, and mission have taken place among both the membership and staff team over the last six months.

This strategic refinement has been aimed at improving the member experience, enhancing our performance measurement and management, and ensuring transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.  

It has further served as excellent preparatory work for the launch of our exciting new Business Plan 2024.  

Our approach has drawn upon the Social Value International Theory of Change, SVUK team work, and consultations with members and the SVUK Advisory Board. 

Our new Strategic Framework:  

  1. Supporting Social Value Journeys: Support organisations and individuals at various stages of their social value journey. 
  1. Empowering Decision Making: Invest resources in guiding members to make better decisions through education and support. 
  1. Targeted Impactful Activities: Channel resources into activities that maximise impact, focusing on individuals and organisations committed to better decision-making and improved outcomes. Utilise these successes as case studies to foster peer-to-peer support, learning, and development across the member network. 
  1. Building a Movement of Professionals: Foster a community of dedicated professionals through practitioner development, resources and certification. 
  1. Activating Membership for Growth: Mobilise the membership to boost business opportunities, funding, and investment in social value activities. 

To support this strategy, our newly developed Theory of Change will play a pivotal role in data collection, analysis, and reporting. By identifying the most impactful activities, we can adapt our plans to maximise our own impact.  

This commitment aligns seamlessly with the SVI Principles, particularly Principle 8: Be Responsive. 

Theory of Change
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We are currently finalising our logic model, which will outline our outcomes and link them to specific activities and member pathways. It will serve as a guide to manage our own performance, enabling continuous improvement, and ensuring that we better serve our members while contributing to the development and growth of the social value market. It will also help members identify where they are at on their social value journey with SVUK, and access activities and pathways that meet their individualised needs.  

The core values that guide our work are: 


We look forward to supporting you and growing the social value market.