Spotlight on our new SROI Trainer

Spotlight on our new SROI Trainer

Posted 11th June 2024

Adam Richards, Sustainable development & Impact Management Specialist 

Hear from our new Social Value & SROI Practitioner Trainer, Adam Richards. Adam is one of the pioneers of the SROI methods and one of the originators of the Social Value & SROI training design with our partner, Social Value International. He is an Advanced Accredited Practitioner Level 4 – but we would argue that he is off the scales! Check him out!

“I’ve realised over the years why I do what I do. Growing up, like many people I saw the results of decision-making that focused exclusively on financial value. As a child I didn’t realise this, I was just aware of the consequences – effects on people being seemingly irrelevant and communities decimate, many of which have still not recovered.

I’ve been involved in social value/SROI education and training now for around 20 years and an SVI Accredited Trainer for almost ten of those. I’m still driven to support others to develop their practical skills to embed impact management because I’ve seen the results. I know people’s lives can be improved and organisations can create more value from their resources.

When I work with people and organisations in different parts of the world, I am regularly reminded that whilst we must respect the unique situation of people, we have an effective framework of internationally-applicable standards. The Principles of Social Value work – they can capture the stories of individuals and communities and translate these into a language that can support improved decision-making.

The Accredited training is an important part of this. People can learn what is required and get under the skin of the Principles to see how they can be applied to their situation. We already know what is valuable – and it’s not just financial returns. We know that effects on people’s lives and how our choices affect the environment are crucial. And we have the means to embed these within decision-making. Ultimately, to change how the world accounts for value, we need communities of transformational professionals who can embed the practice of impact management.”

Register here for the next up and coming SROI Practitioner Training course here to learn from our new VIP and ensure that you are on the right track towards good practice in social value accounting, so that you can change the world for the better in the right way!