David Shields

David Shields

Posted 5th June 2019

David joined Bloom as CEO and has helped to shape its organisational strategy, operating practices and structure to reflect the challenges faced by all suppliers and specifically SMEs and VCSE’s providing services to the public sector. Bloom has invested in best in class systems and processes designed to maximise efficiency and outcomes for services spend. Bloom is working with the public sector to simplify the procurement processes, creating greater transparency while using technology to simplify the procurement life cycle.

David has undertaken a number of public and private sector roles, with his last UK Public Sector role being the Managing Director to Government Procurement Services where he took a central role in setting out a significant programme of transformation extending over a two year period and was a key part of the Efficiency & Reform Groups approach to delivering substantial public sector efficiencies.

The first year saw radical change and the complete reshaping of the organisation, a cost reduction programme while capability was significantly improved to meet the demands of unprecedented savings targets and wide-ranging reform.

David and his Executive Team rapidly put in place an enhanced eEnablement capability using a variety of best in class tools and techniques, introduced rigorous performance management and introduced lean thinking to drive efficiency across the organisation which has transformed its delivery capability and capacity.

As a Senior Executive, David has a strong track record of developing and implementing organisational and functional strategies and process improvement aligned to corporate goals in both the public and private sector. Proven ability to deliver demanding targets while managing significant cultural change combined with extensive outsourcing and functional leadership experience.