SVI Response to SDG Impact Practice Standard for Enterprises

SVI Response to SDG Impact Practice Standard for Enterprises

Posted 10th November 2020

Join us on Tuesday 24th November at 10am GMT to learn more, and be a part of Social Value International’s response to the SDG Impact Practice Standard for Enterprise Consultation. 

Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International and Jeremy Nicholls, Non-Exec Director and co-founder of Social Value International will be discussing the importance of this consultation, its role in standardising SDG reporting for enterprises, and the feedback Social Value International will give in response to the current consultation. 

About the SDG Impact Standards

Businesses and investors are increasingly seeking opportunities to make positive contributions towards sustainable development and achieving the SDGs by 2030 – and are looking for guidance to help translate their intent to action. The SDG Impact Standards have been designed to meet that need.

The SDG Impact Standards are a set of practices that organizations can apply to help build a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient world. The Standards provide a common language and best-practice guidance for integrating impact management into business and investment practices and decision-making with an eye towards positive and negative effects on people and the planet. Grounded in existing high-level principles, the Standards provide context for applying other tools and frameworks, including metrics, taxonomies and reporting frameworks.

Everyone is invited to use the Standards; they are a voluntary and freely available public good.About the Standards for Enterprises
The Standards are for Enterprises committed to contributing positively to sustainable development and towards achieving the SDGs. All Enterprises – irrespective of size, geography, or sector – can use the Standards. This includes publicly listed enterprises, public-interest and private entities (both for-profit or not-for-profit), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and state-owned or other public-sector entities.

More information about the SDG Impact Standards can be found here 

Please do Register in advance for this session.

It will help if you have read, and are familiar with the draft SDG Impact Standard for Enterprises and the Guiding Questions (attached) ahead of the session and for further context you can watch this session on Mobilizing the Private Sector Towards Achieving the SDGs from Social Value Matters 2020.