SVUK training provides customer reassurance, says newly qualified Level 2 practitioner

SVUK training provides customer reassurance, says newly qualified Level 2 practitioner

Posted 5th September 2023

We are delighted to announce Tim Edwards has become a Level 2 Accredited Practitioner with Social Value International. The managing director of TJE Consulting said he was “thrilled” to complete the training run by Social Value UK.

“This will continue to help us play a key part in the movement towards changing the way the world accounts for value.

“I’m proud to have been recognised as a Level 2 Accredited Practitioner with Social Value International, the process has been invaluable in developing my practice and I look forward to using it in my future consultancy projects.”

TJE Consulting is a specialist consultancy agency supporting organisations to maximise their impact. They apply social value across the public, private and voluntary sectors, with particular expertise in the housing, skills and regeneration sectors.

Mr Edwards spoke to SVUK following receipt of his results.

Tim Edwards, Managing Director, TJE Consulting

Why did you embark on the SVI Professional Pathway?

I wanted to develop my skills to support my consultancy work in social value and give my clients confidence that I had achieved a professional level of competency in the sector

What elements of the assessment were particularly useful to your learning?

I’ve found each stage useful, but putting the learning into practice and getting feedback on a project was perhaps the most challenging and worthwhile. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a comprehensive project that really enabled me to apply all the principles. I worked with a supportive and receptive client, in a sector supporting people with learning disabilities, which was very rewarding.

Do you intend to develop your social value practice further?

Every project is an opportunity to develop, refine and practice skills, as each come with its own set of the challenges. I want to continue to engage with SVI and SVUK through the practitioner networks to support my continued learning.

What does it mean to you to be part of a global network? How can you contribute to the social value movement and what issues/areas do you intend to address?

It’s really reassuring to be part of a wider community of practice and have the opportunity to share and learn from so many. I hope to continue to learn from ongoing developments in approach to social value management. I share particularly interest in areas around procurement, aligning this with my work in housing, skills and regeneration.

SVUK Advocacy Lead Matthew Mckew said: “Tim’s ongoing commitment to refine his knowledge and apply it to varied projects is an inspiration. We are delighted to award him Level 2 Accredited Practitioner status.”

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