The SROI Network joins forces with Social Impact Analysts Association

Posted 11th September 2014

Social value networks join up to create ‘international force for change’

(11 September 2014)

Two of the most established and respected social impact organisations are joining forces to create the largest international social value network in the world.

Social Value International is the result of a merger between the international activities of The SROI Network and the Social Impact Analysts Association (SIAA).

The SROI Network in the UK will become Social Value UK and the SIAA will become Social Value International. Both the international and UK organisations will continue to be member-led and to offer training, accreditation and assurance on SROI and impact measurement.

Social Value International will provide a clear and unified message about the importance of accounting for value, within and beyond its membership. It will have more than 900 individual and organisational members, across 49 countries.

The restructuring makes Social Value International the largest international network representing those working to better understand, account for, measure, analyse, and manage the wider value created and destroyed by organisational activity.

Jeremy Nicholls, CEO of The SROI Network and Chair of the SIAA, will remain as CEO of Social Value UK and also take on the role of CEO of Social Value International.

Nicholls said: “Bringing our two networks together is a natural step that puts us in a far stronger position to achieve our shared mission – to change the way society accounts for value.

“In forging Social Value International, we are creating an international force for change that brings increased knowledge and resources to our members and to all those who want to see a world where decision making, ways of working and how we allocate resources lead to increased equality and well-being and reduced environmental degradation.

“We have created a clear set of principles which will lead to the inclusion of social, environmental and economic value in decision making across different organisations and sectors, and we will develop guidance and tools to put these into practice.

“We will develop our already strong network of like-minded people across government, civil society, business and education, and build a movement to change the way society accounts for value.”

Richard Kennedy, Chair of The SROI Network, said: “I look forward to the day when the future of impact reporting is as well accepted as the way we account for financial value. The creation of Social Value International and Social Value UK is a significant step forward in our efforts to achieve this aim.

“It’s important to add that both organisations will continue to be led by their members, whilst also offering a key set of services including assurance, SROI practitioner training and accreditation, alongside impact measurement training and our ongoing delivery of webinars, events and conferences.”

Ruth Whateley, Manager of the SIAA said: “The opportunity for our two networks to combine international activities is invaluable. I am thrilled to be working with such a talented and committed group of members to build strong and influential national networks worldwide.”

Social Value International will have constituted national network members and The SROI Network in the UK, as Social Value UK, will become one of those members.

The SIAA’s existing Country Impact Groups will have the opportunity to become constituted national network members of Social Value International and have a role in the governance of the international network.

Tris Lumley, Trustee of the SIAA, said: “At this crucial stage in the development of the social impact field, I’m delighted that two such important networks are coming together to speak with one voice. As a field we need common principles, clarity on approaches, and shared learning. This development will help us get there much faster.”




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1. The Social Impact Analysts Association or SIAA is an international professional body for social impact analysts. SIAA supports and represents its members and the wider social impact analysis field on a global scale. SIAA believes that by building an active international community of social impact analysts social purpose organisations will have access to the support they need to create positive social impact.

SIAA has six Country Impact Groups in Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Hungary and Portugal at various stages of development. For further information, see


2. Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a framework for measuring and accounting for the value created or destroyed by our activities – where the concept of value is much broader than that which can be captured by market prices. SROI seeks to reduce inequality and environmental degradation and improve wellbeing by taking account of this broader value.

The SROI Network is an international membership organisation with members in over 40 countries. It exists to support the vision of SROI through the formation of a collaborative network of individuals and organisations dedicated to the practice and support of SROI.

The membership comprises business advisors, academics, funders and individuals representing organisations across all sectors. All members want to influence change through their work; practicing SROI, creating national networks, developing the methodology and gathering examples of SROI and how it is being used. See for more information.

The SROI Network currently has six constituted national networks and numerous other networks under development across the world.

For further information see:


3. Principles

Our principles are critical to achieving our vision. They are the principles developed by The SROI Network to guide the development of the SROI methodology, but they have broader acceptance and applicability, including their application in methodologies not attaching financial value to outcomes.

  1. Involve stakeholders
  2. Understand change
  3. Only include what is material
  4. Value what matters
  5. Do not over claim
  6. Be transparent
  7. Verify the result

These principles are the building blocks for the understanding and management of the value, impact or benefit of an organisation’s work. In applying the principles a broad range of different techniques, tools and methods may be relevant.


4. Board members of Social Value International, during the transition period until July 2015:


Board members


5. Board members of Social Value UK, during the transition period until July 2015:


Board members