VINCI Facilities become the first Facilities and Building Solutions company to join Social Value UK

VINCI Facilities become the first Facilities and Building Solutions company to join Social Value UK

Posted 31st March 2016


Social Value UK’s newest organisational member is VINCI Facilities, who provide facilities management and building maintenance to both public and private sector clients. As part of their work, VINCI Facilities deliver a range of projects which are targeted at delivering social value.

One example of VINCI’s social value projects is Reading from the Start, a joint programme delivering social value through tackling the issue of illiteracy and poor educational support in three London boroughs. VINCI have also led on a project to renovate a residential activity centre for children as part of an ongoing collaboration with Barking and Dagenham College (BDC) construction students. More information can be found in their video.

VINCI have joined Social Value UK in order to facilitate a robust and industry-leading approach to managing and improving the social value they create for society, staff and customers.

Rory Murphy, Commercial Director for VINCI Facilities, says “social value return has been at the heart of our operations for many years. Membership of Social Value UK allows us to shape its future and raise the benchmark across industry creating more lasting legacies within the communities we work.”

Social Value UK are pleased to welcome a new member from the facilities management and construction industries. The arrival of the Public Services (Social Value) Act in 2012 created a big opportunity for social value to be generated from companies providing large public sector contracts.  It is encouraging to see some of the main players in these industries engaging with this crucial agenda.


For further information please contact

Andrew Brown, Frank & Brown

E: [email protected]            T: 07795 547069

Melanie Mathews, Communications Director, VINCI PLC

E: [email protected]          T: 01923 470435

Helen Campbell, Communications and Membership Coordinator, Social Value UK

E: [email protected]     T: 0151 703 9229



About VINCI Facilities

VINCI Facilities is a leading provider of facilities management services to the public and private sector.

Our solutions are commercially sound, are customer focused and provide clients with the information necessary to make strategic decisions about their estate.

By integrating services and introducing a range of best practice measures, including work flow and performance management against strict KPIs, we provide our clients with cost certainty, cost saving, consistency of service and efficiency gains.