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We have a Contract for Change update…

For all of those interested in our Contract for Change programme, we have an update!

The programme relaunched in March 2022. The first step in the process was to reengage with all interested parties and to reestablish the Steering Committee.  

The Steering Committee has now held their first meeting, held on May 4th.  The Committee members are listed on the Contract for Change website.

We have also engaged 2 Strategic Partners who are supporting the implementation of the programme, Value Match and Supply Change. Value Match have also led on the design and development of the programme to date.   

Programme next steps: 

The Committee agreed the next steps of the programme as follows: 

  • Steering Committee Meeting 2 to be held in July 2022, date set for July 4th 
  • Meeting to be coupled with a workshop to review and refine the purpose of the programme and the proposed solutions 
  • The workshop will lead to areas of work being defined, with the aim of setting up thematic working groups based on the areas of most need as identified in line with the programme purpose and informed by all interested parties.  

To undertake this work we want to engage with our community to establish the purpose and areas of work of the programme.  The programme website has been updated so if you would like to read more about the programme please refer to the website.

Call to action: 

To do this we are inviting everyone to respond to this short survey covering areas of key challenge in social value practice that people are facing, and potential areas of solution that the Contract for Change programme is considering to progress with.  

The input from this will be taken to the Steering Committee meeting in July to inform the finalisation of the purpose of the programme and the programme outline. 

The deadline for the survey is Friday 24th June. 

We welcome any comments and feedback and suggestions to help in the next steps of the programme development. 

With kind regards,

The Contract for Change team 

Catherine Manning, SVUK 

Beth Pilgrim, Supply Change 

David Shields, Value Match  

Posted 10th June 2022

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