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Pier11 has become the latest organisational member to join the SROI Network (soon to be Social Value UK).

Pier11 Community CIC provides guidance and solutions to social enterprises, charities, community energy groups and housing associations. Based in Honiton, South West, Pier11 are interested in applying the principles of SROI when delivering social impact assessments for clients who are seeking funding, or have been funded, on the Social Stock Exchange (SSE).

James Hallsworth, Director of Pier11, said “I am delighted to be involved with the SROI Network. This is an opportunity to partner with an organisation that has an established history in the industry, and that we can proudly associate with.”

The SROI Network, soon to be Social Value UK, are very pleased to welcome Pier11 and look forward to working with them to support and promote the measurement and management of social value.

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Press Contacts

James Hallsworth, Director, Pier11

E:                                                  T: 0845 591 2007

Helen Campbell, Communications and Membership Coordinator, The SROI Network:

E:                            T: 0151 703 9229

About Pier11 |

Pier11 Community provides guidance and solutions to social enterprises, charities, community energy groups and housing associations. We can assist with defining the specific project requirements, strengthening the strategy and vision of the group and ensuring there is commercial viability. Funding and finances are a fundamental concern for any charity or social enterprise. We give advice on financing to support long term projects, including guidance on social impact bonds, development impact bonds and the social stock exchange.


About the SROI Network |

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a framework for measuring and accounting for the value created or destroyed by our activities – where the concept of value is much broader than that which can be captured by market prices. SROI seeks to reduce inequality and environmental degradation and improve wellbeing by taking account of this broader value.

The SROI Network, soon to be Social Value UK, is an international membership organisation with members in over 40 countries. It exists to support the vision of SROI through the formation of a collaborative network of individuals and organisations dedicated to the practice and support of SROI.

The membership comprises business advisors, academics, funders and individuals representing organisations across all sectors. All members want to influence change through their work; practicing SROI, creating national networks, developing the methodology and gathering examples of SROI and how it is being used.

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