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What Do You Think About the New ‘Levelling Up’ White Paper?

In considering our response to the Government’s recent White Paper on Levelling Up, we’d welcome your thoughts.

Central to the levelling up white paper are what are termed 12 national missions to be achieved, all by 2030:

  • To increase pay, employment and productivity in every part of the UK;
  • Public transport connectivity across the UK to be ‘significantly closer to the standards of London’;
  • A ‘significant’ increase in primary school children reaching expected standards in reading, writing and maths;
  • A ‘significant’ rise in the numbers completing high-quality skills training across the UK;
  • A narrowing in healthy life expectancy between the UK areas where it is highest and lowest;
  • An improvement in perceived wellbeing in all parts of the UK;
  • A rise across the whole UK of ‘pride in place, defined as ‘satisfaction with their town centre and engagement in local culture and community’;
  • An increase in the number of first-time home buyers in all UK areas;
  • An overall fall in homicide, serious violence, and neighbourhood crime and
  • A devolution deal for ‘every part of England that wants one’.

We’re an organisation with a vision for a world where organisational decision making improves wellbeing, equality and the environment. Coming from that perspective:

  • Do you think the Government’s plans adequately address the inequalities experienced (and made more stark) as a result of the pandemic within the UK?
  • Can you give us examples of how levelling up might impact your sphere of influence – both ‘positively’ and ‘negatively’?
  • Are you satisfied with the choice of the 12 missions as the most important areas for ‘levelling up’?
  • Who should own and define what success looks like?
  • Who should these missions be for and who should be benefiting?
  • In your experience, where are current resources on levelling up being directed?
  • Who should be leading the decision making on ‘levelling up’?
  • Do you consider that there has been sufficient representation of those most affected in the preparation of this White Paper?
  • What would you like to see as part of the next steps to reassure you about anything you have voiced in response to the questions above?
  • What would you like to see continued that you recognise has already been done well?

Please share your responses with us either in writing or by recording a short video or audio (1-2 mins): or g

We hope to share your views more widely on social media to stimulate debate on this very important topic – if you’d prefer your opinions to remain anonymous, please let us know.


Finally, make sure you book a place on our lunchtime webinar on 31st March to discuss levelling up from a variety of angles with guest speakers: Amir Rizwan of Big Society Capital, Ailbhe McNabola of Power to Change and Derek Walker of The Wales Co-operative Centre (Canolfan Cydweithredol Cymru).        

We look forward to hearing from you,

Isabelle Parasram, CEO of Social Value UK

Posted 17th February 2022


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