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What are the benefits of social value?

Applying the Principles of Social Value to your work has a huge range of benefits. You can see just some of them below; to read more in-depth examples, download one of our Case Studies.

The Principles can help you to:

1. Maximise the value you can create

”SROI has already shown us ways we can improve: it provides a great way of making sure that we manage our businesses to deliver the maximum social impact.”   – Sarah Dunwell, Chief Executive Officer, The CREATE Foundation CIC

2. Involve the people who matter most

“SROI has helped us to understand the importance of stakeholder involvement and asking stakeholders about what has changed for them as a result of the support they received”   – Holly Chilton, Hertfordshire County Council

“SROI has turned out to be an unlikely but very useful form of client engagement. Discussing the outcomes of the interventions with clients, and the effect of these on peoples’ lives, is a very motivating and humbling experience and we shall be using this approach in the future”   – Valarie Graham, Central Surrey Health

3. Gain a competitive advantage

“SROI has been enormously helpful in proving the social impact we have, in particular demonstrating to clients the benefits to them and to wider society of working with us. The model is easy to understand and has helped set us apart from our competitors”   – Alistair Ponton, Managing Director, Viewpoint Research CIC

“Because we’re using such a unique measurement framework, we were approached by a few different organisations who wanted to know more about out work in this area… this happened as a result of us using SROI because it helped to show that we were ahead of the crowd”   – John Perkins, Purposeful Business Programme Manager, BT

4. Enhance communications, both internally and externally

“SROI has given us an enhanced reputation as a sector innovator. One other less obvious benefit is the difference that SROI reports have made to staff morale. After being involved in the production of an SROI, stakeholder engagement or reading the analysis and case studies afterwards, staff feel less like a cog in a wheel; it puts them more in touch with the difference that they are making on the ground. SROI also helps to spread information about our services to other parts of Link group – incredibly useful for an organisation of our size and diversity.”   – Sheila Murphy, Community Regeneration Officer, Link Group Housing Association

5. Gain funding and contracts

“Bulky Bob’s won the contract not only on the quality of the tender submission and value for money but also on the additional social and environmental benefits they bring to Liverpool and its residents”   – Keith Cadman, Partnerships & Contracts Manager, Liverpool City Council

“SROI has helped us in providing powerful evidence that investing in Greenspace represents good value for money – and that’s becoming increasingly important in these very challenging times”   – Julie Proctor, Chief Executive, Greenspace Scotland


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