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SROI Mentoring

SROI Mentoring can help you apply your social value knowledge to actual situations and case studies. Social Value and SROI Practitioner Training provides trainees with a clear understanding of the questions and Principles of Social Value, and how they come together in a useable framework. In two days, the Practitioner Training course does not provide detailed answers for all the questions every individual trainee may have. However, if you have experience and expertise in some of the disciplines Social Value and SROI uses and draws upon, then you should not have difficulty in starting to apply some of the Principles of Social Value once you have completed the Practitioner Training.

If you do not feel like you have enough experience and expertise, or you wish to undertake an SROI to a higher level of rigour than you have experience and expertise for, then we can provide mentoring support to work with you through the questions to complete an analysis with you.

When considering mentoring, please get in touch with us first to discuss your objectives and available options.

One-to-one Mentoring

The mentoring programme is designed for individual practitioners who have completed the Practitioner Training and are undertaking an SROI analysis. During three days of support, you will be taken through the SROI process, from scoping to report in five mentoring steps.

  1. Scope, objectives and action plan
  2. Stakeholder involvement plan
  3. Theory of change
  4. Draft value map
  5. Draft report

For each of the five mentoring steps, we will agree what is to be done and by when. You will submit something in writing for each step where you will then receive written comments. You will finally have a follow-up call with your mentor to discuss comments and agree the next steps. One-to-one mentoring will be to your timescales, and will be delivered by an Accredited Practitioner.

SROI mentoring can be for an SROI for any purpose except achieving Advanced Practitioner status, including public reporting verified by the assurance process. Mentoring cannot be used for accreditation for an individual, as the mentor will become involved in the judgements being made.

The programme is designed to be delivered remotely by email and phone/Skype. Meeting up physically can be arranged but is not included in the costs.

The cost of SROI mentoring is:

  • £2,250 + VAT
  • 15% discount for individual members
  • 25% discount for organisational members

These costs include a maximum of 21 hours of remote contact (email, phone, Skype, etc.) with a mentor. Additional hours of support will incur further costs of £750 per 7 hours (a minimum charge of £375 applies to additional hours of support).

For more information on SROI mentoring contact 0151 703 929 or

Report Review Service

Any method for accounting for social value can apply the Social Value Principles. The Report Review Service is a useful and practical learning exercise for any organisation that has prepared an impact report. Social Value UK will provide a review containing the following:

  • A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the report in the application of the Principles of Social Value
  • Recommendations on how the report (and the reporting process) might be improved in order to demonstrate a better understanding and application of the Principles of Social Value

The Report Review Service is different to the Report Assurance and SROI Practitioner Accreditation in the following ways:

  • Many reports are not designed to not contain the technical detail needed to meet full Report Assurance. The Report Review Service can provide an assessment of any social impact reporting method
  • Report Reviews do not provide an assurance statement
  • Report Reviews do not offer a formal feedback consultation or an amendment period in order to implement any changes for re-submission
  • The Report Review Service is delivered by Social Value UK and does not include involvement from an independent panel of assessors

Social Value UK also recommend the Social Value Self-Assessment Tool as another useful learning exercise. This online survey provides you with an overall score of your organisation’s application of The Principles of Social Value. Accompanying this Self-Assessment are documents and guidance for improving your understanding and application of the social value principles.

Report Review costs £300 + VAT per report. For any enquiries or to submit a report for review get please get in touch:



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