Level 3 – Advanced Practitioner

Level 3 Accredited Practitioner status shows:  The applicant has demonstrated advanced practical competence in the application of social impact and social value assessment with all aspects of Social Value International (SVI) Framework applied in full.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Applicant must be a Level 1 Social Value Associate (NOTE: Applicants do not have to have achieved Level 2 Accredited Practitioner status to apply for Level 3)
  • Successful completion of an Accredited training programme
  • Successful assurance of a Social Impact report or SROI report. Assured reports need to meet the criteria in this document. Many examples of assured reports can be found on our Report Database.
  • Overview statement of interest and commitment to Social Value, Impact Management and social impact assessment or SROI
  • Successful completion of interview

Valid for: 

  • 2 years

Opportunities for progression:

  • Eligibility for application to Accredited Trainer status, and delivery of SVI Accredited training courses
  • Eligibility to apply for SVI Assessor status, and to provide SVI Assurance and Accreditation services as part of an SVI network


  • Standard Application – £1440 (£1200+VAT)
  • Fast Track Application – £1680 (£1400 + VAT)
  • Amendment Period – £360 (£300 + VAT)

PLEASE NOTE: The majority of reports submitted as part of an application are of a standard that means they have to go through a post-assessment amendment period. We recommend that you budget for the extra £360 amendment period fee.

Five people sitting at a table looking at papers


To become a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner, you will already have a certified theoretical understanding of social value, impact management and the SVI Framework for accounting for value guided by the Social Value Principles, demonstrated through your Level 1 Social Value Associate status. You may also have achieved your Level 2 Accredited Practitioner status, demonstrating your practical knowledge and expertise in social value and impact management. 

To progress to Level 3 it is expected that you will enhance your knowledge and expertise further towards advanced practice by undertaking a social value, or SROI analysis without assistance or support and without any limitations to your practice.

You are also required to undertake an SVI Accredited Training course. This is a required step as it is fundamental to prepare you with the skills and knowledge to be able to undertake your social value or SROI practice. 

To develop your skills in practice, you must:

To help you to develop these skills you can also:

We would also highly recommend that you:

Supporting documents

It is important to familiarise yourself with these documents before applying. These documents will need to be completed and submitted with your application:

Circumstances NOT allowed for Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Status

At Level 3 Advanced Practitioner status you are demonstrating that you have an advanced knowledge, and practical expertise in social value, and SROI.  The expectation therefore is that you will be undertaking this practice without any formal support, and without any limitations to your practice.  Therefore, the circumstances that are allowed at Level 2 are not allowed at Level 3.

The following types of reports can be used as part of an application for Level 2 Accredited Practitioner status (but not for Level 3 Advanced Practitioner status applications):

  • Reports which have been produced with the help of formal mentoring.
  • Reports which have been through the Pre-Report Assurance Outcomes Check.
  • Reports which have a limitation statement attached (e.g. Limited Application of Principle 4: Only Include What is Material).
  • Reports produced with the help of co-authors.

Make your application

The dates of the application rounds during 2024 are below. A calendar detailing the timelines of applications is available here.

Assurance ServiceRound OpensRound Closes
Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Round 1Monday 12th February 2024Friday 23rd February 2024
Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Round 2Monday 13th May 2024Friday 24th May 2024
Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Round 3Monday 2nd September 2024Friday 13th September 2024
Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Round 4Monday 4th November 2024Friday 15th November 2024

To make an application, please use the button below. (PLEASE NOTE: applications will only be processed during the Assurance Rounds unless you have organised a Fast Track timeline directly with the Assurance Team.)

Applications can also be made as a part of the Fast Track service, which provides your initial results in half the time, and means you do not have to wait for an application round. To arrange for Fast Track application please contact the Assurance Team.

Renew your status

To renew your SVI Practitioner status, please click the button below. The cost of renewal is £120 (£100 + VAT). Renewing will extend your status for two years. 

You must provide a document (no longer than one page of A4) outlining your continued work and development in social value. Examples of satisfactory evidence are detailed in this document and a statement template is available here.

Please note that payment is taken through the application form. If this is a problem and you would rather pay via invoice, please contact the Assurance Team.

Already had a report assured?

If you have already had a social impact or Social Return on Investment report assured, you may be eligible to go directly to the interview stage of a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner application. Applications made in this way have a reduced cost of £450+VAT.