Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting – Change of Company Name.

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting – Change of Company Name.

Posted 31st May 2024

We are holding an extraordinary general meeting on Wednesday 19th June, 2024 at 2pm to consider and, if deemed fit, pass the following as a special resolution:  

SPECIAL RESOLUTION – That the name of the Company be changed from Social Value Network UK to The Institute for Social Value with immediate effect (subject to approval by Companies House). 


Is the idea of becoming an Institute a recent or sudden proposal? 

The idea of becoming an Institute was first raised by one of our Board members over a year ago and, since then, we have been re-establishing ourselves in that vein. We are now in a position where we are ready to take some next steps, one of which is a change in our name. This will reflect the call for us to step into the lead on social value within the UK in a much more formal and inclusive way. 

Why the change of name at all? 

Although we have created a community for everyone interested in social value and impact management, this message could be made clearer in our organisational setup and branding.  

We are of the view that a change of name is an essential foundation to a change of positioning for SVUK to reflect what we have evolved into since we were established nearly 20 years ago.  

What was the original setup of SVUK? 

Social Value UK (SVUK) was originally established in 2007 in Scotland as a membership organisation, then known as ‘The SROI Network’. It represented a group of individuals who advocated for the Social Return on Investment framework – a way of measuring the impact of decisions beyond the balance sheet, pioneered by our experts. 

How has SVUK evolved? 

Since 2007, SVUK has evolved into a membership network that offers training, accreditation, report review and assurance, development of best practice, advocacy, thought leadership, a consultants’ directory, events and much more. Whilst we have become more inclusive and accepting of models other than SROI, we have not necessarily communicated that effectively. We also have some work to do on creating an organisational ethos that is more representative of the array of offerings that support informed choice and decision making by those who come to us and to our members for assistance with social value and impact management. 

What is SVUK’s current ‘organisational personality’? 

See our ‘Vision, Mission, Eight Principles of Social Value and Strategic Objectives’ here and our ‘Theory of Change’ here.

Will we continue to be a membership organisation? 

Yes – it’s the core of what we do! 

Will we be carrying out the same activities as we do now if we become an Institute? 

We have no plans to fundamentally change what we do: networking, training, assurance, accreditation, advocacy, events and so on. But we do plan to do them better! As we progress down this path, we are finding that members and other stakeholders are taking the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas in a way that they haven’t before. We will be acting on this feedback in a measured and structured way. 

Have you discussed this with Social Value International (SVI)? 

Yes, Ben Carpenter (CEO) of SVI is supportive of this step and we have been in almost daily contact with him since taking this decision. He will be attending the EGM to help answer any questions from SVI’s point of view. SVI encourage all affiliated networks to create open and accessible networks that use the Principles of Social Value as a framing for any tools, or frameworks for Impact Management and Accounting for Value. 

Will we continue to be part of SVI? 

We had already set up a consultation in relation to our relationship with SVI before circumstances developed that meant our proposal to become an Institute had to be brought forward.  

The two member consultations are not linked, even though they fall at the same time and both impact our future.  

See our other blog for details of our consultation on our relationship with SVI, which is broadly geared towards finding out how we can build upon an already mutually beneficial relationship. 

How can I share my views on this? 

Please submit your views via JotForm here. 

How can I vote? 

Join us on Wednesday 19th June, 2024 at 2pm for anextraordinary general meeting of Social Value UK, to be held online via Zoom. Please register your attendance here. A proxy voting form is available here.