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Social Return on Investment Evaluation Recycling Lives Charity

Recycling Lives Charity & Social Enterprise is an organisation based in Preston and serving the North West of England. It delivers three specific programmes of offender support and food redistribution. The Recycling Lives offender rehabilitation programme works with ex-offenders both in prison and in the community. By supporting men and women to improve their skills, […]
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SROI REPORT 2017-2018 Doroob Scholarship Program in Saudi Arabia

“The Doroob Scholarship program is the fruition of an endowment investment established to support gifted students. Since its inception, the Doroob company aimed to acknowledge a societal gap in awareness towards giftedness. It had recognised that the top 1% of students (high IQ – 120+) who were gifted did not have their educational needs met. […]
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“Meeting Place: Dialogue” Programme in Russia. Social Return on Investment Analysis

This report describes the process and presents the outcomes, findings and recommendations of an SROI analysis of “Meeting Place: Dialogue” programme (MPDP) implemented by CAF Russia with the support of EVZ Foundation to support former prisoners and victims of the German national socialist regime in WWII. The analysis has shown that MPDP creates positive changes […]
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SROI on Improving Access to Sustainable Water Sanitation and Hygiene Services in Selected Health Care Facilities in Rwanda

Investment decisions in a project or program requires a judgment of whether the expected development results justify the costs. This generally and ordinarily calls for rigorous processes and systems to be institutionalized to help in projecting clear results at both output and outcome levels as well as the costs associated with achieving those results. Social […]
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OVO Foundation – A Forecast Social Return on Investment Analysis on the Impact of Project Jua

Delivered by Energy4Impact, Project Jua aims to improve the health and education of residents in rural Kenya by designing, supplying, installing and maintaining sustainable solar solutions across 300 schools and health clinics in five least developed counties in Kenya, i.e., Turkana, Kilifi, Taita-Taveta, Kwale and Kilifi. Project Jua, in its current form, is a scale […]
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CTBC Black Panther Pennant Project Social Return on Investment (SROI) Report

“Since 2015, CTBC Bank Co., Ltd. (CTBC Bank) has sponsored the CTBC Black Panther Pennant (National High School Baseball Competition) and developed various baseball training programs and activities before and after the competition, comprising the CTBC Black Panther Pennant event. To thoroughly analyze the social benefit and efficiency created by the CTBC Black Panther Pennant […]
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Rural Transportation and Social Inclusion SROI Evaluation Report

“The Vision Project, United Daily News Group uses special reports to disclose needs of society that were neglected in the past, and draws the government and society’s attention to rural transportation and social inclusion issues. It also integrates resources from various parties and sectors and demonstrates the power of media. The Vision Project further utilized […]
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“What Time Is It? Café” Social Return on Investment (SROI) Evaluation Report

“”What Time Is It? Café” strengthens President Chain Store Corporation’s (PCSC) image of being a friendly company that supports the underprivileged, and responds to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) Good Health and Well-being. PCSC hopes to create a friendly space for an innovative caretaking model that makes daily life a part […]
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The Self-Healing Power – A Social Return on Investment Study of YANG SHENG FOUNDATION’s Self-Healing Enhancement Program for Older Adults

“This report details the Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation analysis conducted on the Self-Healing Enhancement Program (the program) courses delivered by Yang Sheng Foundation (YSF) for older adults who are above the age of 60. The results demonstrate that significant social value is created through the course, with SROI result of $1: $11.49 meaning […]
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Realising and rebuilding resilience – SROI evaluation of the Wellsprings Women’s Support Program

“Wellsprings for Women (Wellsprings) is a women’s only centre operating in Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The Women’s Support Program (the Program) at Wellsprings offers a range of tailored support to women experiencing social isolation in these communities. The Program is delivered by case managers, with the support of volunteers, […]
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Save Our Own Mushroom Hometown – Project Mountain City Mushroom, Dream Book House Social Return on Investment Forecast Report

“The project activity of “Mountain City Mushroom and Dream Book House” mainly aims to improve the community environment around Shiding, agricultural production technology and encourage children to read through the three core activities. The purpose of preparing this report is to understand the impact and chances of this project activity of “Mountain City Mushroom and […]
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Mennonite New Life Centres MNLCT Impact Report

“Mennonite New Life Centre (MNLCT) is a community-based settlement agency based in Toronto, Canada that provides a wide-range of programs and services to help newcomers settle in Canada. This report is as assessment of the two bridging programs offered by the MNLCT – namely Bridge to Employment in Media & Communications (BEMC) and Bridge to […]
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KIST: Taoyuan Elementary School KIPP-Inspired School in Taiwan Project. Social Return on Investment (SROI) Evaluation Report

“This research project was compiled and sponsored by PRIMAX Electronics Ltd (hereinafter referred to as PRIMAX), a long-term sponsor of Chengzhi Education Foundation. The main purpose of preparing this report is to use it for internal management and analysis. It is hoped that through the analysis of SROI, the KIST project can be adjusted and […]
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Social Value UK Members Survey Report 2020

2020 has been a year of global challenge, and through the crises, we are all living through there has been increased visibility of social inequality and injustice, the immediate threats of environmental harm, and the increasing pressures on our collective mental health and wellbeing. Social Value UK conducted a survey with our members and network […]
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A Social Return on Investment Analysis on the Impact of DIAL House

“This evaluation aimed to identify the outcomes experienced by young adults who are service users of DIAL House and to explore the value of these outcomes relative to the cost of achieving them. The report was developed for Novas,who aim to use the findings to further develop the service and to maximise outcomes for young […]
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Artists for Mental Health Mindfulness Project Social Return on Investment Evaluation

“Artists for Mental Health, located in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), is a non-profit organization engaged in increasing mental health awareness to artists in communities in Vancouver, BC, and the UK. The organization started in 2018 in response to meeting the needs of struggling artists who have no avenue to turn to for mental health support. […]
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Social Return on Investment (SROI) Report on the Love Breakfast Project

“The Eastern Charity Foundation is an organization that works with remote regions and tribal schools to support diverse supplies such as students’ breakfasts, clubs’ expenditures, and indigenous students’ cross-cultural communication. The Love Breakfast Project has been launched by the foundation since 2007 for the enhancement of students’ health and learning by funding the disadvantaged students’ […]
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The Social Return on Investment Report on Taishin Charity Foundation’s tenth Power of Love Platform

“Taishin Charity Foundation (TCF) was founded in 2010 with the aim of supporting small-and-medium-sized charitable organizations and social enterprises with long-term visions and goals in cooperation with other agencies and foundations. TCF launched Taiwan’s first large-scaled online charity campaign along with assistance of capacity building at organizational level, called “The Power of Love Platform” (PLP). […]
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NETpositive Futures and the Social Value Engine – Social Value Project 2020

“In early 2020 NETpositive Futures and the Social Value Engine joined forces to help an elite group of public sector procurement leaders explore practical ways to consider and measure social value. With an ambition to learn from peers and critically explore emerging practice, this group embarked on a programme of team and collective activity. A […]
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Tzu Chi Foundation – Analysis Report of “Banqiao Jing Si Hall” Social Return on Investment (SROI)

The Tzu Chi Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Tzu Chi) was founded in 1966 by Master Cheng Yen in Hualien. The Tzu Chi Foundation is a Buddhist charity foundation and it focuses on humanitarianism with global presence. It upholds the Buddha’s belief of “unconditional compassion and universal sympathy” and gradually develops the “Four endeavors, eight […]
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